%% Trigger Input % % % This examples shows how to start a Synapse recording using an external % trigger into your processor
% MATLAB monitors the bit input and controls Synapse state
% %% Housekeeping % Clear workspace and close existing figures. Add SDK directories to MATLAB close all; clear all; clc; [APIEXAMPLESPATH,name,ext] = fileparts(cd); % \TDTMatlabSDK\Examples [SDKPATH,name,ext] = fileparts(APIEXAMPLESPATH); % \TDTMatlabSDK addpath(genpath(SDKPATH)); %% Setup % This example uses the 'TrigIn' experiment included in the download. syn = SynapseAPI(); EXPERIMENT = 'TrigIn'; syn.setCurrentExperiment(EXPERIMENT); %% Runtime % Move into Standby Mode to wait for external trigger. % Note: You must have Standby Mode enabled in Menu > Preferences. syn.setMode(1); %% % Wait for external trigger to move to Preview mode prevTime = 0; tic; while syn.getParameterValue('Trigger1','TrigIn') == 0 currTime = floor(toc); if currTime > prevTime fprintf('Waiting %d seconds for trigger\n', currTime); end prevTime = currTime; end fprintf('%.1f seconds elapsed.\nGo!\n', toc); syn.setModeStr('Preview'); % Experiment Loop pause(5); % Move from Preview to Idle Mode when done syn.setModeStr('Idle');