%% Online Stream Example % % % Read a streaming data store into MATLAB from Tank server during a recording
% %% Housekeeping % Clear workspace and close existing figures. Add SDK directories to MATLAB % path. close all; clc; [MAINEXAMPLEPATH,name,ext] = fileparts(cd); % \TDTMatlabSDK\Examples [SDKPATH,name,ext] = fileparts(MAINEXAMPLEPATH); % \TDTMatlabSDK addpath(genpath(SDKPATH)); %% Setup EVENT = 'EEG1'; t = SynapseLive('MODE', 'Preview', 'EXPERIMENT', 'OnlineStreamDemo'); t.VERBOSE = false; %% Main Loop first_pass = true; while 1 % slow it down pause(1) % get the most recent data, exit loop if the block has stopped. if isempty(t.update) break end % grab the latest events r = t.get_data(EVENT); if isstruct(r) % plot them ts = linspace(t.T1, t.T2, max(size(r.data))-1); plot(ts, r.data(:,1:end-1)') title(EVENT) xlabel('Time, s') ylabel('V') axis tight % force the plots to update try snapnow catch drawnow end end % for publishing, end early if t.T2 > 30 t.SYN.setModeStr('Idle'); % set to idle mode break end end