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PZ-BAT External Battery Pack for the PZ Amplifiers

PZ-BAT Overview

The PZ-BAT external battery pack is used with a PZ amplifier for long recording sessions. It provides 42 AmpHours and requires 8-10 hours to charge to 95% capacity and 14 hours to fully charge.

Charging the Batteries

A 100-240 VAC, 50-60HZ 2A(MAX) power connection socket is on the back or the PZ-BAT. Connect to AC power to charge.

Using the External Battery Pack

The DC power output cable on the front panel can be connected directly to the round female charger socket on the back panel of a PZ amplifier.

Set the three position switch on the front of PZ amplifier to either the A or B position to power on the PZ amplifier. When the PZ-BAT is connected the PZ's Battery Status LEDs will behave as if the internal batteries are charging.


To avoid introducing EMF noise, DO NOT connect the PZ-BAT to AC power while connected to a PZ amplifier that is collecting data.

PZ-BAT Technical Specifications

The internal charger is 6 V, 3 A power supply.

Battery performance:

# of Ch Duration
32 55 hrs
64 46 hrs
96 40 hrs
128 34 hrs
256 21 hr


All time values are typical.