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LI-CONN - Low Impedance Connectors

A set of multi-channel low impedance connectors (LI-CONN) for the RA16LI is available for users who do not require a direct connection between the electrodes and the headstage. The LI-CONN uses standard 1.5 mm safety connectors to ensure proper connection between electrodes and the preamplifier.

LI-CONN-Z - Low Impedance Connector for PZ PreAmps

The PZ5/PZ3/SIM are designed to record from low impedance electrodes and electrode caps with input impedance less than 20 kOhm. Signals are input via multiple DB26 connectors on the PZ back panel. A break out box or connector(s) is required for electrode connection.

The LI-CONN-Z features standard 1.5 mm safety connectors and provides easy connections between electrodes and the amplifier.

DB80-I64 PZ5M to I Cable Adapter (64 Channel)

The DB80-I64 adapter connects a standard I connection to a single PZ5M DB80 input connector. Ground and reference are available via standard 1.5 mm touch proof inputs on the polymer bracket. The light-weight bracket reduces tangling near the subject.

DB80-I64 Cable Adapter

The male I connector is keyed to ensure correct connection and includes locking latches to prevent disconnection. The standard length of ribbon cable, from end to end, is 3.6 meters.

Connector Pinout

Pinouts are looking into the connector and reflect the preamplifier channels

The connector is marked to indicate channel 1.