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PZ2 Preamplifier

Designed for use with high impedance headstages, TDT’s high-count Z-Series preamplifiers feature a fast fiber optic connection capable of simultaneously transferring up to 256 channels at full precision. Recorded signals are digitized, amplified and transmitted to the RZ2 base station as the fiber optic connection leaves the subject electronically isolated.

Research Uses

Product Specs


  • High channel count ECOG
  • Neurodegenerative disease models
  • Single unit electrophysiology

The PZ2 Preamplifier: Tried & True Technology

The PZ2 has been a preferred market choice for over 10 years. Its extended bandwidth supports sampling rates up to ~50 kHz and improves signal fidelity, spike discrimination, sorting and analysis. Of its many features the PZ2 boasts:

  • An excellent signal to noise ratio of 80 dB
  • A signal input range of +/- 10 mV, ideal for biological signals
  • Battery powered operation and optical isolation for cleaner, interference-free signals
  • Custom 18-bit hybrid A/D architecture, for better signal fidelity than the industry standard
  • LED status lights, indicating battery power, spike detection and clipping on each channel

The PZ2 is ideal for high channel count and extracellular recording.