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BH32 Behavioral Controller

The BH32 Behavioral Controller simplifies the integration of operant conditioning and other behavioral controls into neurophysiology experiments. Capture time-synchronized events from nose pokes, lickometers and other behavioral sensors.

The Behavioral Controller includes 32 I/O lines organized in banks of eight that can be configured as inputs or outputs. The BH32 is a great addition to simplify the setup for any lab with complex behavioral neuroscience paradigms.

Research Uses


  • Behavioral control
  • Operant conditioning

Synapse Control for Operant Behavior Testing

Use Synapse to create triggers from spikes or other neurophysiology signals to directly trigger food delivery, open maze doors, etc via the BH32.

The BH32 was designed to be used under a variety of conditions of behavioral control systems. With the addition of the TDT BH32,  your TDT system can replace existing devices such as the Med Associates, Colburn or Lafayette systems and others not currently available from vendors.

Synapse Software