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Chronic Recording Neurophysiology

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Workstation Components:

High channel count recordings from a freely moving animal

(1) RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Process and filter acquired signals in real-time.

This system supports tethered recording from a freely moving animal. Using either a 32 or 64 channel commutator you can perform high channel count recordings with either analog or digital headstages. When using digital headstages and the AC064 commutator, you can record up to 512 channels. For up to 64 channels we recommend using analog headstages for their superior recording performance.


The optional RV2 allows for real-time fully synchronized subject tracking, with user-specified tracking information being fed directly into the RZ2 processor for integration with neural data. The RV2 will also save a fully synchronized video for post analysis. Our ACO motorized commutator supports optogenetic stimulation via a dedicated center bore; this bore can also be using to pass fluids to the subject.



(1) PZ5-64 NeuroDigitizer

The industry's most powerful and versatile amplifier available.

(1) ZC/ZD Headstage

Easily connect your subjects with zero insertion force ZIF-Clip® headstages.

(1) ACO-32 Commutator

Motorized commutator for neural recording and optogenetic stimulation.

(1) RV2 Video Tracker

Capture digital video recording and real-time tracking with the RV2 and camera.

(1) Synapse Software Suite

Freely control and manipulate your data with our user extensible software.

Experimental Control and Design with Synapse Software

A streamlined software interface automates DSP level programming to bring speed and ease to complex experiment design tasks.

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