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Behavioral Neurophysiology

Powerful Processing and Flexible Behavioral Support in a Single Scalable System

TDT systems are designed around real-time processors with multiple analog and digital I/O lines to provide perfect time synchronization between behavioral events and your important electrophysiology data. TDT's Synapse software timestamps all behavioral events; stimulus deliveries, behavioral responses and rewards are all marked at the same precision as the recorded electrophysiology data. TDTs 24 digital I/O lines and eight analog inputs and outputs provide an almost infinite combination of ways to control or record any behavioral event.


All processors support integration of behavioral information from third-party behavioral systems such as Med Associates, CleverSys, Lafayette instruments, Coulbourn to link easily and seamlessly to the TDT hardware and our Synapse software.


Spikes & fMRI System

Directly measure the correlation of individual neural activity with the hemodynamic response in the brains of awake, behaving subjects.

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