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Founder of the Optically Isolated, Direct Digital Design

TDT's innovative design allows us to use low-voltage, low-noise OpAmps in the headstage and amplifer, creating an efficient, safe and low-noise front end.  Features inherent in TDT amplifiers include:

  • The industry's best signal to noise and dynamic range
  • Sample rate support up to ~50 kHz
  • Digitization of biological signals at or near the headstage
  • Battery powered operation

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PZ5 NeuroDigitizer

The industry's first all in one, multi-modal amplifier.  Achieve high fidelity recording with the optically isolated, battery powered PZ5.

PZ5M-512 Neurological Amplifier

All the features of the PZ5 NeuroDigitizer in a rack-mountable, mains powered device.

PZ2 Amplifier

Conduct high channel count, low-noise recordings up to 1024 channels.

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