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32 Channel Neurophysiology System

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A Simple, Adaptable System

System Components:

Get your lab up and running with this ideal, economical system.  With TDT you'll  never sacrifice functionality for price – each and every system is built with our sophisticated technology to serve your dynamic goals.  Acquire, process and analyze neural spikes with the RZ5D.  Use it to receive real-time updates from your behavioral control boxes and to control signals from stimulus isolators.  Our multi-modal PZ5-32  offers unparalleled dynamic range at an affordable price.  Rest assured, as your research changes your TDT system will grow with you – components are easily added and upgraded.

Drop and Go Synapse Experiment Gizmos


  • PCA Spike Sorting
  • Box Spike Sorting
  • Tetrode Spike Sorting
  • LFP Processing
  • State Maker
  • General Purpose Filtering
  • Channel Mapping
  • Artifact Blocker
  • Epoc Event Storage
  • Stream Data Storage
  • More continually added...

Integrated Auditory Stimulus Generation

To create two channels of high-fidelity, wide bandwidth, acoustic stimulation add the RZ6 and MF1.  This synchronized system extension is complete with programmable attenuation and transducers.


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For a Custom System, Contact TDT Sales Today!
For a Custom System, Contact TDT Sales Today!