Typical Psychoacoustics and Speech Workstations

TDT has been developing products for psychoacoustics research for more than 20 years. This experience allows us to create flexible platforms for stimulus generation and data acquisition that can be customized for your research. With TDT psychoacoustic workstations, you can design and present virtually any waveform, from simple to complex, without scripting or coding. Our modular hardware design allows us to configure systems that contain all of the equipment you need for your experiments and none that you don’t. The systems listed here are typical configurations available for psychoacoustics and speech. For high-count free-field stimulation, consider the RX8. Please contact us to determine the right configuration for your lab.


RZ6 Psychoacoustic Workstation

Psychoacoustics & Speech Workstation

This system includes a comprehensive set of hardware and software tools for animal and human psychophysics. Two channels of 24-bit Sigma-Delta D/A and A/D provide signal generation and acquisition that extends from DC into the ultrasonic range. The system also provides two-channel headphone and electrostatic speaker drivers, two channels of programmable and manual attenuation, XLR and audio jack microphone inputs, a monitor speaker, and digital I/O for implementing subject response interfaces. SykofizX software offers a large collection of experimental paradigms and customization options for computer control of your experiments. With onboard wizards and an extensive library of examples, the software guides you through your experimental setup and allows for customization of the experimental paradigm, hardware configuration, and subject interfaces.

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Basic Psychoacoustic Workstation

Basic Psychoacoustic Workstation

This basic system includes hardware and software tools for common psychoacoustic experiments. Two channels of 24-bit Sigma-Delta D/A and A/D provide signal generation and acquisition. The system also includes 16-bits of programmable digital I/O and a four-button response box for implementing subject response interfaces. PsychRP software features an easy-to-use interface and can perform a wide range of experiments out-of-the-box, including: Bekesy-Type Tracking, Modified Method of Limits, and Multiple Interval-Forced Choice.

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System Requirements



PsychRP Software

Minimal configuration and set-up time

Uses RCO files, allowing you to customize or create complex stimuli in RPvds

Bekesy Type Tracking, Modified Method of Limits, or Multiple Interval Forced Choice paradigms

Supports the RP2.1 Enhanced Real-Time Processor and RBox Respose Box

Notable SykofizX features include:

SykofizX Software

Multiple presentation and independent variable manipulation methods

Support for .wav and other stimulus file formats

Fully integrated and easy-to-use calibration mode

Convenient evaluation utilities available for preview and subject training

Support for interleaved tracking

Powerful XML data storage format and flexible data export for offline analysis