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Real-Time OS Processors

The Foundation of Every TDT System

Achieve precise submillisecond resolution across all channels, with TDT's zero-jitter, invariant real-time systems.  Program common research functions with our Synapse software or design your own custom real-time control sequence with RPvdsEx.  Each TDT processor provides:


  •     Invariant Real-time control
  •     Timing resolutions < 100 μsec
  •     Easily scalable performance and channel count
  •     Sample rates up to ~ 200 kHz


Compare Performance Specs

RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Unprecedented DSP power for high channel density recordings.

RZ5 Processor

Harness the power of programmable digital signal processing with an optimized communications interface. Consider our RZ5P: Fiber Photometry, for a versatile solution for real-time processing and simultaneous acquisition and stimulation.


Do your experiments require awake, behaving subjects, optogenetics or video tracking?

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