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The RS4 Data Streamer

Improve system performance by offloading data from RZ processors.

The WS-8 Workstation

A purpose-built computer, handpicked for compatibility, with preinstalled TDT interface and software.


As our community of customers grows and their research needs expand, TDT keeps up the pace.  We continue to work with each customer to support the variety of complex behavioral and neurophysiological measurements necessary for their ongoing research.

The RV2 Video Capture

& Tracker

Real-time tracking, precisely synchronized for frame correlation.

The FB128 Neural Simulator

The conveniently packaged FB128 emulates several types of neural activity, ideal for project development and troubleshooting.

Motorized Commutators

Low noise, high performance commutators with built-in support for neural recording and optional optogenetic stimulation.


Building Full System Solutions to Support
Your Research Needs

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