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Tucker-Davis Technologies (TDT) provides products for basic and applied research in the neurophysiology, hearing, and speech sciences as well as for general data acquisition applications. We offer a complete line of modular DSP-based data acquisition and stimulus generation systems, ranging in complexity from a simple audio stimulator to a complete multichannel sensory and behavioral neurophysiology system for awake, behaving subjects.

Our goal is to offer the most powerful research instrumentation that we can imagine and back it up with the best customer support in the business.

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In the mid 1980s, no commercial signal processing system could fully support laboratories and their diverse research interests. The methods in each laboratory were unique, and each was forced to hire software and hardware engineers to design and construct purpose-built systems or modify lesser products to meet their specifications. These methods were costly, time consuming, and impractical. While the need for a better approach was clear, instrumentation companies showed little interest in this small but growing market.

While an undergraduate electronics technician in Dave Green’s psychoacoustics laboratory at the University of Florida, I noticed this opportunity and began working toward a solution. Using my laboratory and engineering experience, I designed and produced the first TDT research products. These initial designs were more affordable off-the-shelf and more cost effective in the long run than anything else on the market. The time to get a lab up and running was dramatically reduced and the modular design allowed researchers to start small and expand their lab as the research demanded.

From these early efforts, Tucker-Davis Technologies was born. Today, I’m proud to head a fully vertical instrumentation manufacturing company capable of all stages of product development from inception and design through manufacturing and support. After nearly 20 years of continuing innovation, TDT systems can be found on all seven continents. Flexible, powerful, and integrated are words often used to describe our research systems. Similar words also describe our company.

As you’ll learn in the pages linked below, all departments and individuals at TDT work closely to achieve our common goal: to supply you with the highest quality, most up-to-date technology available, and at an affordable price. We believe we can best meet this goal when all areas of our business work together in a cooperative and collaborative environment. This belief is typified by the integrated nature of our facility, which brings together our team of scientists, on-site laboratory, engineering staff, and manufacturing floor all under one roof.

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